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Do Not Let the Memory Fade

Each September, I anticipate increased traffic because school busses are back in action stopping at nearly every house on the block. I look forward to the changing of colors in the landscape, cooler weather, increasing expectation of the holiday season, and pumpkin-flavored everything. All of these bring a sense of excitement; however, a stark reality Read more about Do Not Let the Memory Fade[…]

It’s a Heat Wave

Over the years, I have met many people who love the summer.  My own daughter revels in the heat, mainly because of her experiences in Dunbar, WI where she went to college.  She fondly refers to that place as the “Frozen Tundra”. When she came home from months in Wisconsin, she regaled us with tales Read more about It’s a Heat Wave[…]

Age is a Creeper

When my recent birthday rolled around, and I found myself knocking on the door of sixty years old. When did that happen? Age is a creeper. It sneaks up slowly and then attacks. It’s like the English Ivy on the side of a house. It starts out slowly; its tendrils stealthily reaching up and attaching Read more about Age is a Creeper[…]

Eagles’ Fever

The East Coast was at fever pitch with anticipation of the match-up between the NE Patriots and the Philadephia Eagles in the biggest game of the year.  The Patriots are a remarkable team with a remarkable quarterback and a strong coach, except for the times that they cheat.  The Eagles’ history is not so remarkable.  Read more about Eagles’ Fever[…]

The Christmas Aftermath

The months before Christmas fill us with anticipation and excitment.  The twinkling lights, paper, bows, rolls of scotch tape, gifts, cookies, candy, fudge, friends all increase the level of expectation.  As we move through the season, we travel to places that have light shows, attend musical programs, watch Christmas movies, and immerse ourselves in the Read more about The Christmas Aftermath[…]

Dirty Jobs

Recently I have become enchanted with Mike Rowe, formerly of the show Dirty Jobs. You can catch him at Occasionally, I see a glimpse of his videos on Facebook, but I know the he has vidoes on YouTube as well. He has a marvelously sonorous voice, which engages the listenr. While he talks about the Read more about Dirty Jobs[…]

Stormy weather

During the last few weeks, I have been following the weather radar with interest.  Hurricane season is upon us, reminding us that the weather is predictable to a point, but ultimately we cannot control it.  I am now watching what is happening with Jose and Maria. I watched with interest as Harvey moved toward Texas, Read more about Stormy weather[…]

Family Camp

Family vacations are highly anticipated events in most homes. Much planning goes into the location, time, and funding for a trip for a week or two to some location away from home. Sometimes, the family vacation is an excursion to Disney World or a cruise to the islands. Sometimes it is a highly anticipated trip Read more about Family Camp[…]

Too much tv

A while back, I wrote a blog about television, but I focused on commercials more than the availability of television in the home. Can we have too much tv? When I received my bill from Comcast a few months ago, I noticed that the bill was higher than it had been, so I drove over Read more about Too much tv[…]