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Pappy Loves Braydon

A picture book for children that tells the story of a special relationship between a grandfather and his grandson, the importance of being together and creating lasting memories, and most importantly, and sharing the feeling of love.

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Make Room for Nana

An illustrated children’s book that celebrates the changes in life as a young family outgrows pews, car seats, and restaurant tables… it always seems that room for Nana is at a premium

Go to Collections in Hysteria

Collections in Hysteria

A witty book for parents of all ages, reminding them of the joy, agony, and pride of raising children… based on collections of comical events and sayings from 30 years of parenting

Now Available - Pappy Loves Braydon

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Elizabeth Franklin
Sometimes writing requires a poignant pen

Elizabeth is a mother of four children and four grandchildren. After teaching English for over 20 years, she is pursuing a master’s degree in literature as well as a career in writing. As an evangelical pastor’s wife for 30 years, she has been blessed with many opportunities to teach children, teens, and women of all ages.

God has given a great richness to life through which humans experience joys, loves, hopes, and purposes. Elizabeth hopes to share these characteristics of life with you and your family through her writing. Sometimes writing requires a poignant pen to capture the things that bring joy, bear pain, turn smiles, and share love.


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