Burgeoning adulthood

My experiences with young adults has been varied and interesting.  Many with whom I work are lively and enthusiastic.  A few are slugs.  We work together well, and some of the things I have observed are encouraging.  Others, not so much. I don’t think that young college students really anticipate the cost of their education.[…]

Working out the kinks

Last year, I joined the local gym hoping to gain some flexibility in my increasingly tighter joints and muscles and perhaps lose some weight in my ever widening surface areas.  I am pleased to say that I have gone to the gym faithfully three to four times a week, even taking on a trainer.  My[…]

Spring Season! Opening Day!

The season has arrived.  Fans anticipate Opening Day of baseball with great hopes for their local teams. Here in the Philadelphia area, we have great expectations for the Phillies, but it’s still early yet, and though the team has made some games very interesting, we shall wait to see what happens. Only in Philadephia! One[…]

Password Purgatory

What is my problem? I can’t remember my passwords to most of the websites or apps.  From the experts, I hear reminders often to make passwords easy to remember but difficult to crack. Don’t use birthdays or addresses or kid’s names. Include a symbol, a number, and upper and lower case letters, they say. And[…]

Teaching children to cross the street.

When I was a little girl, I learned early to look both ways before crossing the street. One of my earliest memories is crossing a street in Elizabeth, NJ on my way to kindergarten. I was five years old. If I recall correctly, I had to cross at least two intersections before reaching the school[…]

What to do with all the stuff

Neflix has in its collection an interesting documentary called Minimalism. The film records the travels of two young men around the country on a book tour, introducing people to their book Everything That Remains. The documentary is worth watching. Two young successful men, Josh Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, found themselves in a place of dissatisfaction[…]

What to do with Millennials.

Millennials are perplexing. Many of us struggle to understand their apparent lack of work ethic, the constant attachment to social media, the lack of motivation, etc. Recently, I read an article by Noreena Hertz in which she discusses some of the perplexities of understanding youth today, commonly referred to as Millennials. It’s easy to perceive[…]