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Liz and Lane Go Hunting

Hunting seems like a natural instinct for human beings.  I don’t believe that we ascend from the animal kingdom, but I do believe that most of us are on the hunt for something, something that will enhance our lives or give our lives meaning and purpose.  Some people hunt for wealth and prestige, satisfaction and Read more about Liz and Lane Go Hunting[…]

Age is a Creeper

When my recent birthday rolled around, and I found myself knocking on the door of sixty years old. When did that happen? Age is a creeper. It sneaks up slowly and then attacks. It’s like the English Ivy on the side of a house. It starts out slowly; its tendrils stealthily reaching up and attaching Read more about Age is a Creeper[…]

The Candy Nana at Church

Long ago in ancient times– when I was five years old– an old man in my church had a pocketful of anise mints.  He handed one to each child after the church service.  I do not remember the circumstances, but I do remember the mints and that he was approachable. My husband kept a jar Read more about The Candy Nana at Church[…]

Guns and School Violence

Several weeks ago, a crazed and angry young man took a gun into a Florida school and shot many unsuspecting young people who were  going about their school day as they did every other day of the week.  And suddenly, many of them were dead.  The outrage over the mass shooting created such a maelstrom Read more about Guns and School Violence[…]

Eagles’ Fever

The East Coast was at fever pitch with anticipation of the match-up between the NE Patriots and the Philadephia Eagles in the biggest game of the year.  The Patriots are a remarkable team with a remarkable quarterback and a strong coach, except for the times that they cheat.  The Eagles’ history is not so remarkable.  Read more about Eagles’ Fever[…]

The Deep Freeze

Many of you have experienced the deep freeze in South Jersey this week. The temperatures have dipped so low that frostbite is actually a possibility. The snow lies on the ground, not melting.  I have heard from several people that this bitter weather is highly unusual for this area, and though the roads have received Read more about The Deep Freeze[…]

The Christmas Aftermath

The months before Christmas fill us with anticipation and excitment.  The twinkling lights, paper, bows, rolls of scotch tape, gifts, cookies, candy, fudge, friends all increase the level of expectation.  As we move through the season, we travel to places that have light shows, attend musical programs, watch Christmas movies, and immerse ourselves in the Read more about The Christmas Aftermath[…]

The Bane of Black Friday Shopping

Our children have grown up with the idea that Black Friday is the official beginning of the Christmas season. Always looking to gain a new tidbit of information, I learned that one of the first references to Black Friday had nothing to do with bargains or big box stores.  In the early 1600s, Black Friday Read more about The Bane of Black Friday Shopping[…]

Thanksgiving thoughts

I work at the Village Grille, a small restaurant in a farmer’s market. As customers go in and out of the restaurant, we chat about various things like the weather, food, kids, health, and yes, holidays. I enjoy the interaction with veterans, senior citizens, young adults, and sometimes children as they come in and go Read more about Thanksgiving thoughts[…]