What Preview Readers are Saying - Elizabeth Franklin

What Preview Readers are Saying

We asked a few early preview readers what they thought of Pappy Loves Braydon, and here is what they are saying:

Betty Griffin

In her first children’s book, Elizabeth Franklin has masterfully penned a story that will appeal to little ones and adults alike. Although simple enough to read and enjoy as a young child, this powerful little book reminds us all that even through challenging times in our lives, we can still share the most important gift of all…LOVE (I Corinthians 13)

~ Betty Griffin, Retired Literacy Professor, Rowan University

Janet Iles

What a tender, beautifully written children’s book! The bond between young Braydon and his Pappy never wavers, even when Pappy’s health declines as he struggles with his terminal illness. Kudos to Elizabeth for writing about her own husband’s experience with cancer and her grandson’s response.  Her story reminds us all that no sickness, however tragic, can ever diminish the love between a child and his Pappy.

~Janet Iles, Reading Clinic Coordinator, Rowan University

In Pappy Loves Braydon, Elizabeth Franklin poignantly shares this true account of the developing bond between a grandfather and his grandson throughout their short time together. While written for children, young and old alike will benefit from the books message of unconditional love through difficult circumstances.

~ Deborah Komand, Leveled Literacy Teacher, Pitman School District