Video Interview - Elizabeth Franklin

Video Interview

Everyone, this is an exciting day for me. LifeRich Publishing has released an author interview video for my book, Pappy Loves Braydon. This is the story of a little boy and his ailing grandfather. Throughout the book, these two characters, Pappy and Braydon, engage in activities that build memories.

I believe this story is helpful in explaining to children that their grandparent, parent, or friend is ill or may not be here much longer. The book has a gentle tone of love and the re-occurring theme of home.

Several reviews from educators are available if you are interested in what others have to say about Pappy Loves Braydon. You will find these reviews at or on

Please take a few moments to view the video and share it with others.

Thank you very much to those of you have purchased the book and have supported me through this process.

Feel free to send me an email at or or message me through Facebook at Elizabeth Franklin

The video is available on YouTube as well as the LifeRich Publishing website.

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