Valentine's Day and the Widow - Elizabeth Franklin

Valentine’s Day and the Widow

hugsThe holiday of Lupercalia is upon us.  Everywhere since the end of December, heart-shaped chocolates, candy hearts with messages of Hugs, Kisses, I Love You line the shelves of CVS, Walmart, Target and many other upscale stores.

Kay Jewelers, Jared Jewelers, and Zales Jewelers have made special heart-shaped diamond necklaces for this season of love.  Lots of pretty red and pink merchandise comes in advertisements that bombard my mailbox. So many couples get together for dinners out at fine restaurants or wherever they can afford to go.  Churches have valentine dinners or fellowships out at restaurants with couples.  Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for love.

About thirty widows attend my church.  While I was the pastor’s wife at Hardingville Bible Church for over thirty years, many of these women became widows.  I was always fond of the widows in my church.  They were brave, independent, helpful to one another, loving women, most of whom never remarried.  In the last two years, I joined this wonderful band of women, and now I know what it is like to be on the other side of wedded bliss.

Maybe it’s because I am a new widow that I am more sensitive to the bombardment of commercials and advertisements for fancy jewelry, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and red jammies.  I say to myself, “That will never happen again.  Those days are gone.”  It’s not the jewelry (Mark gave me two beautiful diamond rings that I lost, so from that point forward, I only bought inexpensive, costume jewelry, and he bought me books.), but there is something that I miss that cannot be purchased.  Hugs.  My husband often hugged me because he knew that I needed those hugs.  I won’t go into it now but suffice it to say that the hugs helped me, encouraged me, and showed me his great affection.  And let me say that no amount of money can replace the value of a really tight manly hug.

Since I loved the hugs and since I am not getting them anymore, I wonder about other widows.  Do they miss those manly hugs?  Think about that.  Do you know a widow?  What is she thinking when Valentine’s Day rolls around?

Do something brave and give a widow a hug this week.  Just tell her you were thinking about her.  That’s all you need to say.