Should I wear leggings? - Elizabeth Franklin

Should I wear leggings?

A few months ago while I was listening to Philadelphia talk radio, Chris Stigall, the host of the morning show, raved about women’s leggings. He wasn’t wearing them but he was touting the beauty of them. He actually said that he thought the person that created them was a genius.

Do I agree with Chris Stigall on the ladies wearing leggings? With the shirt dress and tunic styles that are available today in ladies clothing, leggings serve a purpose. They cover unsightly bulging veins, spider veins, and also serve as coverage particularly in the cooler months. With all the colors and prints, leggings provide the extra pop for an outfit. So, in these cases, yes, leggings are a lovely addition.

But then there is the gym. I usually wear my sweatpants that have San Antonio running down the leg or I wear a long baggy pair of shorts. I feel a little self-conscious when wearing leggings, conscious that my simple black ones might be just a little too much without my extra long tee shirt covering down to mid thigh.

But not those women of the gym. I have never seen so much self-confidence anywhere else except Walmart. Yes, there are a few well-built women working out at the gym, but most of the time it’s older women, like me. Leggings on the skinny ladies are okay, but then I am not sure why the skinny ladies are at the gym in the first place, unless they are trying to avoid osteoporosis.  The awkward situation comes into view when a giant sun is spread out across a giant moon. When you have those leggings that have the giant happy face on the rear, that adds to the distraction.

One time I did a double take when I was coming off the floor from a plank to see a lifesize Luke Skywalker walk by. He was spread across  the thigh and calf of a lovely woman, but he was slightly distorted.  It’s okay to be a Star Wars fan, but do the characters have to be spread across a woman’s torso in such a way that the character seems larger than intended?

Don’t you just love the sayings on the butts of women wearing leggings. “Juicy.” Seriously? “Princess.” Um, no. “Work it.” Yes, definitely.

Usually, I think that the color black is the best choice for leggings, especially at the gym, but no… .  The thing consider when wearing leggings to the gym is not color but size.  Just because the leggings are black doesn’t mean that someone can’t see through them.

I agree that leggings are a marvelous invention.  I think Chris has something there.  They certainly are comfortable and serve a great purpose, particularly on colder days, but leggings are not for every size, at least not without something worn over them.

I am going to get a lot of hate mail on this one, but if you have been to the gym or Walmart, you may find that you agree with me.

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