Pappy Loves Braydon is now available - Elizabeth Franklin

Pappy Loves Braydon is now available

This week is an exciting week in my household. My dogs and I are celebrating the arrival of the first two copies of my new book Pappy Loves Braydon. When the UPS guy came to the door, Auggie bared his teeth, snarling like a rabid dog ready to take the delivery guy’s leg off. His enthusiasm for guests is remarkable. Hurley, my other dog, barked in his most protective voice. If you could see him you would see a hairy creature that stands barely twelve inches off the ground, jumping up and down like a spring. The most the delivery guy has to worry about from Hurley is his ankles receiving a brutal scratching, but a good sturdy pair of boots will protect the man from Auggie.

Anyway, the books came in record time, and I tore off the cardboard packing to see both hardback and paperback copies, shining in their newness. Both dogs snuggled up on the couch as I began to look through the copies, but they were not very supportive in that they were both asleep after their vicious would-be attempt on the legs of the UPS guy.

I gave a copy to my son’s family to peruse. Braydon saw the book on the counter and said, “Look, Mom. It’s my book. It has my name on it,” and read the title of the book all by himself. Blake saw my picture on the back and said, “There’s a picture of Nana on the back!”

The other grandchildren, Blake, Owen and Reese, did not get to know Pappy, but I hope that their parents will tell them that Pappy would have loved them the way he loved Braydon, and he looked forward to spending special Pappy time with them even though they were not here yet.

When you get your copy, which you may purchase from my website, Amazon, or, give me some feedback. I will have some books in my possession as well, so if you catch up to me, I will be glad to accommodate you. Some of you do not know the characters in the book, but some of you do; however, the story itself reaches everyone who has had a special relationship with a grandparent.

Thank you for all of your support. I hope that you enjoy the book.