Pappy Loves Braydon - Elizabeth Franklin

Pappy Loves Braydon

Pappy-Loves-Braydon-CoverA picture book for children that tells the story of a special relationship between a grandfather and his grandson, the importance of being together and creating lasting memories, and most importantly, sharing the feeling of love.

Braydon visits Pappy’s house. Braydon loves Pappy and Pappy loves Braydon. Grandfather and grandson spend precious time together playing with cars and trucks, swinging on the swings at the playground, eating ice cream, and fishing in the pond.

As Braydon grows older, Pappy’s health deteriorates. His voice is not as loud and booming as it once was. He loses weight, and it is difficult for him to breathe and to walk. But Pappy knows it’s important to make memories with Braydon while he still can.

The book is available for purchase from LifeRich Publishing,, and Barnes & Noble – in three formats: Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook.

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