Losing our collective minds - Elizabeth Franklin

Losing our collective minds

How sad I am to see this country appearing to fall apart at the seams.  At one time we were one nation under God, and now we are splintered into groups so small, everyone seeking a special identification and sanction.  Seriously, this is not the indivisible nation our pledge speaks of.  What has brought about these divisions?

We have always had class disparities and multifarious ethnic groups, but until more recently, these groups have not been so obvious. They have functioned as part of the national fabric.  We are one people.   The negativity and hostility that is rising creates such disharmony and grief for the nation.  The riots and violent demonstrations do not adequately address the issues of each of the groups.  How does violence unify people?

The Constitution provides for opposing points of view by means of peaceful demonstration and free speech.  Any group can say whatever it was to say, but once a violent element comes into play, that group has lost its right to assemble in a demonstration.  One of the things that makes the USA unique is the ability to disagree with our neighbors and still work together, but it seems that this gift is now gone.

While I don’t endorse any group in the political rampage that is going on, I believe that each group has a right to create a series of tenets that explain the existence of that group.  I don’t have to agree with any of the tenets nor do I have to like what the group represents, but that doesn’t make me an evil citizen.

Our representatives and senators have contributed to the mayhem with their highly vituperative rhetoric, creating such a tone that the citizenry cannot discern that they are being manipulated by a bunch of power hungry individuals who think that those they represent are simpletons.  We need to be wise and read between the lines of their speeches to see that they are promoting their personal agendas rather than using their offices to serve the people they represent.  Our leaders are right at the top, demonstrating that they have no idea what leadership is really about.  They show no humility or genuine concern.  Their concern is making a name for themselves and marking their territory.  They are contributing to the rampant disorder.

Whatever whim strikes, we think we need to protest to push our opinions on others.  We need to break into stores, overturn cars, block intersections, do physical harm,and show disrespect in order to get our points across.  We are being reduced to a pack of wildlings, showing no dignity for ourselves and others.

This is what relativism has done for our nation.  This is what the elimination of absolutes has done for our nation.  This is what the elimination of respect for authority has done.  We have lost our collective minds.



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